Why I Am Having The Vaccine

Why I changed my mind on having the Covid 19 vaccine

FEAR is the one thing that connects us all in this Pandemic. Sometimes it feels like the only thing.

Some are fearful of catching the virus, some of losing their job or the impending financial crisis, and for some it’s fear of loneliness – loneliness is a killer too! 

So who gets to decide who’s opinions and fears are more valid? 

It sickens me that people are turning against each other during these times. Where is the humanity? (I blame the media)

But I get it. Everybody’s behaviour is being driven from the same emotion FEAR. 

For example lets take the woman who reported her neighbour to the police for having a friend over, in some peoples eye’s she is pathetic, a nosey cow who should mind her own business. But have you considered that she is terrified of catching the virus because if anything happened to her there would be no one around to look after her children?

Yet what she doesn’t know is that person she seen going into her neighbours house was also just as terrified. Her low mental state and intrusive thoughts were so bad that she was frightened she might hurt herself, and if she did there would be no one around to take care of her children.

Do you see? 

Personally, I’ve never been fearful of catching the virus. I believe it’s highly contagious and deadly for the older generation and clinically vulnerable. I also know that the survival rates are high, higher than a lot of other deadly diseases, almost all Millennials / Zoomers who contract the virus are asymptomatic or have a mild dose with no lasting effects. I do more things on a daily basis to my life and others than catching Covid. It would never cause me to live like we are currently. To risk is to live and survive.

That doesn’t mean I’m fearless. I have lots of things that scare me concerning the pandemic;

  • An incapable government that have made one blunder after another and lied there way through excuses 
  • Putting the news on – it has the power to change my mental state in less than 5 minutes
  • A vaccine that seem to come from nowhere in a matter of months which our government (see 1st bullet) tell us is safe with no lasting effects……


I am not here to tell you what my research told me as it’s down to you to find your own path with this and I do NOT want to influence anyone either way. I thought I would share this in the hope that those people up there on their high horses might just for a second thing about where others are coming from. 

So yeah, First of all I 100% wasn’t having it. No sere, not for me! Then the third wave came and the vaccine started being rolled out at which point I still probably wasn’t going to have it but if in a year or so (which would have been my time for getting it) we are in the same position and people who have had the vaccine haven’t all turned into monkeys (no evidence anywhere to suggest this – I made it up) then I’ll have a think.


It’s one thing to say what you are or are not going to do in a situation that hasn’t happened yet right?

When the email offer was there staring at me n black and white ready to book, I knew it was not the time to be flippant or arrogant. So many people around the world are desperate to receive this vaccine but I had to make a decision that was true to me and not based on the thoughts or opinions of others.

I like to think of myself as an educated girl, with a decent level of intelligence and a high level of self awareness. I’m a deeply spiritual person and through years of practice I am very in tune with my mind and body and try to listen to what it tells me and act appropriately.

So that’s what I did. I spoke to a range of people who I consider to be level headed, I researched the shit out of it and (here comes the ‘woo’) I meditated on it.

These were the thoughts that kept repeating over and over

  • If I didn’t have it and then caught the virus and died (slim chance but a chance all the same) how would my kids feel knowing that I turned it down (FEAR)
  • I want to spend summer in Europe and looks like the vax passport could be a thing (FEAR, HOPE & OPTIMISM)
  • If there are long lasting effects and in 10 years time we’re all going to turn into 1 armed monkeys, well, then I suppose we’ll all be 1 armed monkeys together so it won’t really matter will it? (HOPE & OPTIMISM)

And here we are, my appointment is booked for today at 11.45am. I am apprehensive but I do feel that for me and ONLY me this is the right decision.

I am not here to try and influence anyone in anyway. For those that say ‘why wouldn’t you have the vaccine’ I would say to you ‘why wouldn’t you question something so important’

The only advice I have is listen to yourself, do some factual based research on both sides of the argument and then make a decision – which ever one you make it’ll be the right one for you.

Let us stop judging others and remember that everyone is on their own journey with this!

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