Parents Thriving

Parents Thriving

“The greatest burden a child can bear is the unlived life of a parent” – Carl Jung

The What

My vision with the PARENTS THRIVING coaching programme is to build a community of like minded parents who from working my programme will unapologetically…. 

  • know exactly who they are
  • know exactly what they want
  • know exactly how to go out and get it – without shame, guilt or fear

The How

The complete coaching programme is divided into 3 modules coached over 12 weeks

Module 1

The first module deep dives into your past and present circumstances to get a clear view of

  • what is holding you back from finding your true purpose
  • what the barriers are you need to overcome
  • what area’s of your life need attention
  • how to create an emotional toolkit to start crafting out change

Module 2

The second module uses the following 3 pillars as a guide to work through whatever is relevant to you. It’s then over to you to decide which areas you want to focus on to realise and achieve those goals. We can pick 1 and work through that for the 4 sessions in module 2 or you can choose to dip in and out of a few. Don’t worry too much about this for now if you don’t currently know what to choose. We will have a better idea of which areas to explore once module 1 is complete.

Knowing Your Sense Of Purpose

  • What Do You Want?
  • Why Do You Want It?
  • What Will Having It Mean To You?
  • Life Changing Decisions
  • Dreams, Ambitions, Desires? 

Owning A Life Outside Of The Family

  • Career
  • Dating / Relationships
  • Hobbies
  • Balancing Your Time
  • Travel

Cultivating A Health Relationship With Your Co Parent

  • Access Arrangements
  • Financial Positions
  • Boundaries
  • Step Parents / Partners / Blended Families
  • Parenting Through Heartache

Module 3

The third module is all about using that new mindset and new level of self confidence we have created and start taking accountable actions towards the goals which by now you will have clear in your mind

After the course is complete you should be ready to go it alone, however there is an option to stay on for accountability coaching only – which we can discuss nearer the time

The complete coaching programme includes;

    • 12 x 1 hour live zoom calls with me
    • Private access to ask questions via a video messenger app as well as email
    • All course material
    • Free access to any of my online workshops
    • A free personal meditation session delivered to your phone designed specifically to suit your needs
    • A weekly accountability check in via the website

Note: If you want to see the changes in your life then you absolutely NEED to be committed to showing up and DOING THE WORK. Your transformation needs to be TOP priority and whilst I can show you how, I can’t do the work for you. This will be a working partnership that gets results ONLY if both parties are committed. There are no shortcuts and no quick fixes but I promise you this if you make this commitment to yourself the world will start opening up in ways you never thought possible. Just like it did for me! 

Still Not Convinced?

Maybe my own transformation story will help you decide, you can read more on that below

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