Lourdas, Kefalonia

After what has been the craziest year I’ve had in a LONG time. I was desperate for a cheap and cheerful week in the sun just me and Ayla, who if you didn’t know already is my 5 year old daughter.

With the current travel restrictions and the fact I have had 3 previous holidays cancelled, I wanted the safest option in terms of getting there with the least complication or faff! Greece seemed like the ideal option. As I am double vaxxed no isolation upon returning to the UK and no pre covid test to enter Greece itself. 

After a couple hours of research I opted for the stunning village of Lourdas on the island of Kefalonia.

Only 20 mins from the airport in the Kefalonian capitol of Argostoli. This proved to be a perfect choice given I had an impatient 5 year old who had already started asking 

“when are we gonna be there” 5 mins into a 3 hour flight!


We had a self catering studio at Antonia Apartments which I booked as a package deal through TUI. The apartments & grounds were spotlessly clean and we were given a ground floor apartment just a few steps from the pool – ideal with a little one!

There wasn’t a baby pool which might have been an issue for some but not for me as with her arm bands on she happily bobbed around in the pool on her own for hours on end. Win. Win.!

The island has limited public transport (could be due to limited tourists because of Covid) so I decided to hire a car! I have never driven on the ‘other’ side of the road before. I’m not gonna lie I was nervous as hell – especially as the owner of the car hire place we used (Easy Rent, Lourdas) insisted on watching me drive off, after he had told me a few horror stories about other ‘ladies’ who hadn’t driven on the right side before! He turned out to be a very lovely man by the way who walked to find me after I took the car back as I had left my debit card in there.

A few trips up and down to the local beach (despite losing the key, on the beach within the first hour, but finding it again) and I was confident and eager to explore.

I am so glad I braved it with the car as we would of missed a trick! It put a completely different spin on our trip.

Kefalonia was a good place for a newbie as the roads are quiet, and the Greek drivers were courteous. A few steep hills and winding roads but the scenery was breath taking! 

We visited near by Skala, Mounda Beach (shallow crystal clear water – great for kids), Katelios (lovely little place) and we drove to the capitol Argostoli, only for a covid test we didn’t have time for sightseeing but from what I didn’t see on the drive looked a lovely place with a beautiful harbour.

The food was excellent, the restaurants cater really well for picky kids (who survive on a diet of chicken nuggets and chips or plain spaghetti and cheese) and whilst Lourdas has no nightlife as such watching the sun go down with a carafe of wine or a few beers was a perfect end to our days.

The island tends to attract mainly families and couples so is perfect for single parents with little ones.

You know there is something truly magical about travelling as a single Mum. I’ve done it with both of my children and there is honestly no better feeling in the world. Precious memories that will last a life time for both of you. 

If you haven’t travelled alone with your child/ren but want to, then I would highly recommend Kefalonia for any newbies. It was perfect.

SL x

Get there, Stay there and Thrive there.

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