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Hi, I’m Serena and I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals!

Hi, my name is Serena

Deciding to work with a coach for the first time is a big deal. I get it and I remember my own mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement when I made that decision 3 years ago, so I’m honoured you’re considering working with me. Let me tell you this, whether you chose to work with me or another coach you won’t regret it. For me it was without doubt the best decision I ever made in terms of personal and professional growth, and the real driving force behind some of the biggest, most positive changes I’ve made to my own life. 

 Before I embarked on my journey of self discovery I was manically searching for anything outside of me to take me outside of myself! Confusing I know! My childhood was full of trauma and chaos and this continued into my teenage years and beyond. On the rare occasions my life was ticking along and drama free, it would only be a matter of time before I created some fireworks to shake things up a bit. Chaos and drama was all I knew and in some weird way I felt safe surrounded by the very thing that caused me pain. 

 The trouble was I didn’t know I was broken. I didn’t know that all the years of burying my emotions relating to my past were coming back to haunt me. 

 Instead I thought I was a bad person. So I acted like a bad person and the more I acted like a bad person the more people thought I was. If people didn’t care about me then I wasn’t too fussed about caring for myself and this negative mindset kept me ignorant and kept me stuck and frankly took me to some pretty dark places. 

 But I turned it around. Once I found my starting point I couldn’t stop. Once I learned how to control my thoughts, face my past and stop living life as a victim, it opened up doors for me that I didn’t even know were there. 

 I genuinely want everyone to learn how to do this because honestly once you get here NOTHING can stop you from living the exact lifestyle you dream about.

Through my journey I ;

  • Took positive ownership of my past 
  • Learned the art of forgiving myself and others  
  • Let go of other people’s opinions 
  • Replaced resentment with compassion 
  • Built a loving and fulfilling relationship with myself 
  • Explored what spirituality meant to me and cultivated a personal relationship with ‘it’ . Once I had learned to cultivate this new mindset, the magic really started to happen.

With my new mindset I have gone on to ;

  • Remove myself from unhealthy relationships  
  • Ditch my binge lifestyle  
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise (and lost 3 stone) 
  • Clear all my debts and gained complete financial freedom 
  • Attain the skills and qualifications needed to embark on a massive career change  
  • Travel A LOT both with and without my children 
  • Call time on my high paid corporate job in banking to start my own thriving wellbeing business 

And now through doing the work my life is content. I genuinely wake up every day full of gratitude and excitement for the life I have created. Year on year things keep getting better. I can’t put anymore words into what this work has done for me but I do know it probably saved my life. 

If this has resonated with you then please Click below to book a FREE discovery call and let’s get your journey started 

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